Tight Aggressive No Limit Hold Em Poker – 3 Tips For Quicker Wins

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Sometimes it's best to keep the hand going to get the most chips out of your opponents. Other times you just want to win as quick as possible. These 3 tight aggressive No Limit Hold Em Poker tips are sure to open up your mind and help you think of the correct situations you should be taking the pot quickly.

Tight Aggressive No Limit Hold Em Poker  Tip #1

When the flop drops a draw card scare – it is quite probably someone could have a straight or flush draw – make sure to value bet the pot to block out anyone chasing the draw. By betting correctly to the pot odds they will fold and you will win straight away, or if they continue to call you will win over the long run.

Now that's what I call a win-win. You win, or you win.

Tight Aggressive No Limit Hold Em Poker  Tip #2

When you land a two pair, where one pair is a top pair and the other a bottom pair – so the bottom pair is lower than the other cards on the flop – it is often better to end the game as soon as possible. You can make a fair enough value bet out to solicit a fold from your opponent because you do still have strength in your hand.

The reason you want to do this is because you opponent has a couple more outs (unbeknownst to them) and you don't want the board pairing.

Tight Aggressive No Limit Hold Em Poker  Tip #3

It's often easier to take the pot quickly pre-flop, before anyone has a chance to really identify the true strength of their hand. If you have solid cards you can get payed off by making a large bet pre-flop to take the pot.

This is often best done with hands that are strong, but not super-strong. Also, timing and feeling are important and you should do this when the board seems weak.

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Tight Aggressive No Limit Hold Em Poker – 3 Tips For Quicker Wins

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This article was published on 2011/01/09